Wooden floors

Why it’s worth choosing our products

Wooden floors

Why it’s worth choosing our products

Our wooden floors

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Unlimited number of colors

Discover a world of colors and individuality with wooden floors! With us you will find not only 22 fascinating standard colors, but also the opportunity to design your dream floor according to your wishes. We believe in uniqueness and we know that your home should be as unique as you are.

Bring your creative ideas to life by choosing your own parquet color. Using a sample – whether an image or a physical sample – we determine the desired color directly in our factory. Then we will make a sample and send it to you for inspection. If the color meets your expectations, we will start creating a “tailor-made” parquet floor.

Please note that you will need to allow an additional three weeks for this process. But it’s worth the wait, because in the end you will receive a unique parquet floor, perfectly suited to your ideas and your home.

Let yourself be inspired by our variety of colors and our personalized service and transform your home into an oasis of uniqueness. Make an appointment with us and learn more about the unlimited possibilities that Holzfloors offers you. Dare to be different and choose wooden floors for your individual and unique parquet.

Excellent stability thanks to the high-quality wearing layer

Our standard parquet is three-layer and consists of a 3.5 mm thick oak wear layer, an 8 mm thick spruce middle layer and a base layer of spruce veneer (2.5 mm) for additional stability.

The floorboards are joined together using the proven tongue-and-groove system or assembled using the click system (5GC).

At your request, we can reduce the thickness of the wear layer to 2.5 mm free of charge, so that the heat from the underfloor heating penetrates the room better.

Floorboard size

Our standard formats (width x length) of floorboards in mm:


Compact and comprehensive


Our 100×600 format is perfect for small spaces and still offers a modern look. These narrow and compact boards fit perfectly into any room and create a cozy atmosphere.

120×600 i 120×1200

Harmonious and stylish

120×600 i 120×1200

The 120×600 and 120×1200 formats are the perfect combination of harmony and style. With these medium width boards you can achieve an aesthetic spatial effect that creates a balanced and modern atmosphere.

145×725 do 145×2230

Versatile elegance

145×725 do 145×2230

Our 145 series offers an impressive range of lengths to suit your individual needs. Thanks to formats from 145×725 to 145×2230, you can create the perfect balance between elegance and a sense of space.

164×1630 do 164×2230

Impressive appearance

164×1630 do 164×2230

The 164 series is perfect for customers who prefer a striking look. With sizes ranging from 164×1630 to 164×2230, wider boards add depth and character to your space.

194×1630 do 194×2430

Large dimensions

194×1630 do 194×2430

The 194 series offers large dimensions that provide an attractive impression of space. With formats from 194×1630 to 194×2430, these extra-wide planks create an impressive look and transform any room into an oasis of relaxation.

234×1630 do 234×2430

Expressive presence

234×1630 do 234×2430

Our 234 series impresses with its expressive appearance. With formats from 234×1630 to 234×2430, these extra-wide boards provide an unrivaled sense of space and give your home an impressive character.

254×1630 do 254×2430

Maximum exclusivity

254×1630 do 254×2430

The 254 series represents the highest standard in parquet flooring. With impressive formats from 254×1630 to 254×2430, these exclusive boards offer a breathtaking look and set new standards in terms of elegance and sense of space.

The nature of wood for every taste

Discover the variety of our parquet floors and choose the type of wood that best suits your style and mood. At Holzfloors, we have developed five categories to make your choice easier. Get inspired by the different characters of wood and find the perfect parquet for your home.

Contact us to find out more about our fascinating wood range. At Holzfloors, you are guaranteed to find a parquet that will meet your personal expectations and give your home that special something. Get inspired by our offer and choose the type of wood that perfectly suits your style and needs.

Elegance and minimalism

The Select variety is characterized by a very calm character, without knots. This minimalist wood choice will give your room timeless elegance and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Natural harmony

The Nature species is the most common and popular type of wood. With just a few small branches, it exudes natural harmony and transforms any room into an oasis of well-being.

Living structure

For customers who prefer a more vibrant texture, the Rustic version will be the perfect choice. Thanks to its expressive appearance, it adds depth and character to your room.

Unique patterns

The Super Rustic species constitutes only 2% of the wood and is located in the core of the tree trunk. This rare species of wood impresses with many signs and unique patterns that give your room a special character.

Rustic charm

The Country variety is characterized by numerous knots, but without any traces of pith. It gives your room a rustic charm and creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Finishing floorboards

Parquet floors have to face high demands every day. Regardless of whether the parquet floor is to be laid in a popular restaurant, in a damp bathroom or in the living room area of your four-legged friend – we have a solution for everything and we will be happy to advise you on the surface.

Parquet flooring can be varnished or oiled. All our surface treatments do not contain harmful substances and are 100% healthy for life.

Additional options

Want to personalize your floorboards even more? We offer you even more choices. Take advantage of the option of beveling, brushing or giving them a rustic character.

Chevron parquet

The formats we have selected: 100×600, 120×600 and 145×725, are perfect for classic herringbone parquet or English herringbone pattern. This traditional way of arranging gives the room timeless elegance and is especially appreciated by lovers of classic interiors.